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12 December 2030 @ 12:12 pm
Took a break from studying to write one of these haha! It's not very lavish or fancy but it's a nice introductory post.

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06 October 2012 @ 10:58 am
got tix to the nov 2 concert oh yeah bb
22 September 2012 @ 12:25 pm
Oh lord, my internet was down this morning so I didn't manage to get them with my slow phone e____e The one time I could go see them in California!
06 April 2012 @ 06:10 pm
So... after a longass hiatus I am back, sort of. I've been so preoccupied with work and such... and I know I ditched a ton of fic requests, translation requests, etc. Still a huge big bang fan ofc, also recently been getting into 2am and mblaq. Not sure if everyone is still around, but time to slowly ease back into communities... good god I've forgotten how to do most of this stuff.

Getting back into tumblr too!

everything's fantastic baby
29 May 2011 @ 08:45 pm
Title: Rainy Days
Author: finkling
Pairings: Seungri/everyone
Rating: PG to NC-17
Genre: Various
Summary: Different scenarios with Seungri and another person on a rainy day.
A/N: The stories aren't connected with each other, but they're all sort of set up the same way —really dialogue based. I should really be finishing the fic requests or translating... but then I just felt like writing this. They're all pretty cliche and/or badly written, though, be warned of bad!fic, haha. The NC-17 ended up becoming... sort of... long.
Waiting to Pass
gri, pg-13, angst
Sun and Rain
baeri, g, crack
Spring Showers
bomri, pg, fluff

seungri/oc, pg, au/fluff

topri, nc-17, pwp

A/N: I just realized Gri was the only one I wrote angst for. Oops! And I think this is the first time I've written a Topri without any other pairing in the fic.
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Haven't done this in a while, sorry for being all MIA guys! Maybe I will try to get my LJ up and running more. Here's part 5.

YJS: Wow, you are saying some touching stuff here
Caption: Deeper story in the alcove
KWH: Just right for today, you all are wearing "choshim" (t/n: meaning beginner) t-shirts
YJS: Yes, and our alcove family is wearing "hanshim" t-shirts (means pathetic)
YJS: As in... one mind of course (word play; han=one and sometimes shim=mind)
YJS: Now let's really go to the beginning
KWH: Let's go back to the rookie days
YJS: Thinking like rookies, do you have any impersonations?
KWH: Yes, impersonations! You must have thought about that a lot in the beginning (idols often do impressions/impersonations to make people laugh on shows)
YJS: Seungri, as the maknae, do you have any?
Seungri: Then I will do mochang (imitating how someone else sings)...
YJS: Wow, really? Who?
Seungri: Jungyup
KWH: Isn't that too hard?
Seungri: Have to have a bit of a startup
Caption: Twirling the mike
Seungri: No matter when it came to me
Seungri: I always remember your face
Seungri: My heart that remains stopped
Seungri: My hatefully broken heart
Guy: It's the same, it's the same
Caption: Interesting/Amazing
(T/N: as a side note, the guy he imitated came on the show and imitated seungri's imitation of himself... haha)
Caption: It's exactly alike
YJS: So good! He does well
Seungri: Can I do one more?
Caption: Confidence
Seungri: Secret Garden's Yoon Sang Hyun
YJS: You can imitate Yoon Sang Hyun?
Seungri: Gil Ra Im! You're Gil Ra Im, right? What are you here for? Eh? A romance journey with Oska? Gil Ra Im?
Caption: Good
YJS: You're good
Seungri: Yeah, so my nickname is now Seungseuka. Everybody Seungseuka!
Guy: Anything he's not confident in he looks at us and does it
Seungri: Everybody Seungseuka!
Guy: Seungseuka!
KWH: Like TOP said before, he makes people feel a little overwhelmed, but it's forgiveable
YJS: Cute
YJS: How about G-dragon?
GD: I think I rarely do these impressions, so I will try to do one this time
YJS: Yes, please
GD: This is Seungri's mochang, but I don't know if you will know
YJS: Oh, Seungri!
GD: It's short...
(T/N: That was... underwhelming, GD, lmfao!)
KWH: Do another one!
Caption: Whisper whisper
YJS: Seungri is...
GD: Lee Jung Sub teacher
GD: Hello, it's Lee Jung Sub. Nowadays, Korean people's tastes are so sharp. And... sesame oil! Sesame oil! (He says it "cheem" when it should be "cham" to imitate LJS)
KWH: He's good, he's good
YJS: Seungri is saving Jiyong, the hyung again
YJS: Taeyang?
Taeyang: This is Tonight
(after the little song excerpt)
KWH: Just what we middle aged folks like. Let us try it
Caption: Wrong from nervousness
Caption: Wrong first
KWH: We can't do this together
YJS: Yes, what is that, what kind of music
KWH; So embarrassing
(flashback to another time they "sang" together)
KWH: Seriously... at least I got the beat right
YJS: Seriously
YJS: So for TOP, is there anything? Like beatbox
TOP: Ah yes, there's beatboxing. It's really been a while...

not the end of part 5

the video on fb wasn't working, so I just kind of guessed where it ended, i think it ends after the beatboxing. i'll continue more tomorrow, sorry for the rushed/crappy translation job guys :( i got too lazy to look for the perfect word for each little thing lol
16 May 2011 @ 02:30 am

i keep starting a bunch of seungri fics and find myself unable to finish them. i wrote a shitload of drabbles yesterday but then they all got deleted from an ff crash. curse myself, my computer, and everything
06 May 2011 @ 05:00 am
1. he is so funny and cute/hot! get a little bothered by negative comments.
2. watch too many videos of him and end up deluding myself into thinking i understand him well. ignore all negative comments
3. fuck that, these negative comments are never going to end. i am retaliating

like honestly with other fandoms i've gotten to stage 2 but now i realize that there are too  many misconceptions on seungri to afford staying quiet when people try to bash on him with false info. at least then when other people who are starting to dislike seungri see the haters' posts they can also see my rebuttal and then i will prevent another hater from being born, maybe.
01 May 2011 @ 04:58 pm
I mean, I'm still clearly alive on tumblr, I just haven't been  updating my lj as much and I guess mostly because I've gotten really lazy with translations and the like. But I have a week off so I'll try to post up some new translations and/or fanfics.
18 April 2011 @ 03:15 am
i'm always in a fucking threeway close friendship and i start out being the one closer to both of them, introducing them to each other, and then become some kind of a third wheel

usually don't update on real life but hooray a snippet for everyone!